A collective of inspired directors, cinematographers & editors.

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Grade A Productions was founded in 2012. A collective of inspired directors, cinematographers and editors. We work to a high standard producing industry media videos, tailored to suit any specification required.

For those who haven’t heard of Grade A Productions, what are we all about and where did we come from?

Grade A Productions was the collective brainchild of Reece Selvadorai and George Putnam, who at the time were both studying Film in Southampton. We decided to take our interests and talents and turn them into a business. Reece has a passion for directing and editing and became fluent in Final Cut Pro 7 (ah, the good old days). George enjoyed working with cameras and was an aspiring cinematographer, coming to University with only the knowledge of shooting on his Nikon D5000.

However, we had an ambition and a dream of taking our idea to new heights. The next couple of years were spent working with unsigned musicians and businesses, building up a portfolio of work, which drove them to meet some of our larger clients such as B&Q and TK Maxx. This was how our professional video production company was truly started.

We have since collaborated with many other creative’s who helped shape the work we now create and formed some amazing partnerships across the UK.

Where are we now? Grade A Productions are bigger and stronger than ever. Working with many businesses, brands, musicians across the UK and mainland Europe which also includes MGN Events, One Year No Beer, Breheny, Martek and DGH. Grade A Productions pride themselves on going above and beyond for all clients and building a strong rapport. We aim to work with new up and coming creative crews, which enables us to keep ahead of the game when it comes to the standard of our work.

So, what of George’s Nikon D5000? well, we’ve moved on a little, working with our favourite choice of camera the RED Dragon and Epic-W, shooting in stunning 6K and frame rates beyond belief. We have also ventured into aerial filming, it is safe to say we have developed a lot since 2012. We believe continuous improvement and development is key to providing high quality products. We are always keen to work with new clients and are very able to cater for all needs. We have a lot to offer and always enjoy a challenge. This is an exciting time for everyone at Grade A Productions to say the least…

We are enjoying 2019 so far…